Your stay at my family guest house is almost over and you would like to leave the car parked here for just a couple of hours to make the most of what’s left of your time in Paris?

Or you came to the capital with a second car and need to find a place to park not too expensive and close to the unusual bed and breakfast ?

I have just what you need: The company Indigo manages 2 car parks at the Porte de Bagnolet (Bagnolet side and not Paris): The car park "Shopping Centre Bel Est" and the "Parc Relais Gallieni" both situated in the same building.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages... Follow the guide!

Accès au parking Indigo

Car park "Shopping Centre Bel Est"

Access: from the Porte de Bagnolet follow the direction "Périphérique" and stay in the middle lane. You will see the big white Novotel building: The entrance to the car park is just on the left. Limited height is 1.90m

Once parked (you will be on the lower level painted purple) go into the shopping centre and exit it via the Macdonalds restaurant area. The underground is just opposite (end of line 3).

Underneath you will find a picture of the price table absolutely... incomprehensible. It is worth having a look. Modern art! So to simplify parking is free for 2h30 when you do your shopping in the centre (whatever the amount spent but you must have the ticket validated by one of the shopkeepers) if not it is 7 EUR. Over 2h30 it costs 9 EUR for 1 hour, 15 EUR for 2 hours, 21 EUR for 3 hours, 25 EUR for 4 hours, 29 EUR for 5 hours with a maximum of 35 EUR for 24 hours. So this parking is best just for a few hours or if you fancy a croissant at "Paul".

Car Park "Relais Gallieni"

Address: 17 rue Jean Jaurès - 93170 Bagnolet. Maximum height 1m90 (but it's okay until 2.01m).

Access: From the Porte de Bagnolet follow the direction "Périphérique, stay in the middle lane, go past the big white Novotel building, turn left at the big crossroads in front of the shop "Brossette", keep straight on up the Avenue du General de Gaulle, pass under the motorway and turn left at Rue Carnot between the Hotels Reseda (green facade) and the Ibis. Now here you have to be very careful: the sign to follow is "Gallieni- Parc Relais" or "Hotel Campanille".
If you make a mistake you will finish up in the shopping centre car park and nobody wants this right!

Once you have parked (it is the "terrace level") take the stairway and go down 1 floor (level "haut"). Reach the underground via the shopping centre (see above) or go down 3 floors («Gare Routière Eurolines» level) to reach the underground via a very heavy green door to be pushed open. Above all (and I am not joking) memorize the way for the return journey. Next to it Man vs. Wild is nothing!

Let's talk rates? 1h=1,60 EUR, 2h=3,20 EUR, 3h=4,80 EUR, 4h=6,40 EUR, 5h=7,60 EUR, 6h=9 EUR, and 0,40 EUR per hour with a maximum of 10 EUR for 24 hours. Unbeatable!