"Viva Paris" is a one of a kind bed and breakfast charming detached house located in the 20th arrondissement of Paris.

"FANTASIA" suite
Bed and Breakfast Paris 20
Here, you will sleep in a real Citroën 2CV. A telephone, a unicorn and Christmas baubles serve as light features. The showerhead is a frog and an Ikea pot became a wash bowl. Oh, let’s not forget the yellow cat flying in the kitchen! Your kids are going to love it, let me tell you!
Large room for 5 guests with bathroom and kitchenette.

"OHLALA" suite
Unusual b&b in Paris with car park
Unique and gourmet décor: croissant-looking chandeliers, Nutella jars light features and a Haribo candy display stand. Pop and kitsch colour scheme. Retro style isn’t forgotten with a charcoal stove turned into a basin and cement tiles... just like grandma’s.
2 adjoining bedrooms with bathroom and kitchenette. Up to 5 guests.

The B&B
Bed and breakfast close to the Père Lachaise
Come check out my child friendly bed and breakfast unusual concept in Paris.
By the way, when are you coming?

Viva Paris logo

- Free parking
- Breakfast
- TV, internet and Wi-Fi
- Luggage storage
... and top tips for transport and all your activities.
So cool!

Père Lachaise cemetery
Viva Paris is close to Place Gambetta, Père Lachaise cemetery and Porte de Bagnolet station. Lush green, romantic and super calm area. Metro station and shopping centre within walking distance.