It’s 3 o’clock in the morning and you have an urgent question for me. Super important such as : Up to what time can we arrive ? Even though I’m always available I need to sleep too… So go on to the FAQ and yippee you will find your answer! Isn’t life beautiful?

Luggage: "On arrival can we leave our luggage before 3pm?"
"On departure day can we leave our bags in the house and pick them up later?"
Noise: "Is the house noisy?"
Arriving time: "Up to what time can I arrive?"
Car park: all the information you need can be found on this web page dedicated to the free parking
Breakfast: "What’s for breakfast?"
Reservations: "How far ahead must we book?"
"Can we see the bookings on-line?"
"Can we have extra options?"
"Can we stay with more than 5 people?"
Safety: "Is your area safe? Is Paris itself safe?"
Rates: "Can we book for just one night?"
"Are the rates negotiable? Are there any reductions?"

Luggage: "On arrival can we leave our luggage before 3pm?"
Of course. The rental period normally starts at 3pm, but it is possible to arrive before on the condition that (the remote control for the parking can be found at the apartment):
- The room was empty the night before therefore the keys can be collected from 8am onwards,
- If the room was rented the night before the previous occupants must leave before 11am. In this case it is possible to obtain the keys and leave your luggage knowing that the cleaning of the suite will be finished by 3pm.

"On departure day can we leave our bags in the house and pick them up later?"
You're welcome!

For your information here are the contact details of the left luggage areas in all the Parisian train stations. It’s easy & cheap to leave your luggage with them.

Finally if you are taking a plane from Roissy CDG or from Orly here is another clever solution: the company Eelway  can come to the b&b and collect your suitcases at whatever you choose and deliver them to the airport. The suitcases are handed over to you at a meeting point. This service costs 25 EUR for the first suitcase & 5 EUR for every additional suitcase. This allows you to make the most of your last day of holiday in Paris without having to worry about your luggage.

Noise: "Is the house noisy?"
Siegfried Street is very quiet, with very little traffic and no street parking so you actually forget that you are in town. Passers by are usually very discreet so you can even sleep with the windows open when the weather is good.

Arrival time: "Up to what time can I arrive?"
People generally arrive before 8pm but it is possible to come later. You just need to let me know when you make the booking so that I can organise myself accordingly.

Breakfast: "What’s for breakfast?"
The breakfast is available in the kitchen corner:
- bread, butter, jam, cornflakes & yoghurt,
- coffee, tea, fruit juices, milk, cocoa powder.
This menu cannot be changed.

Reservations : "How far ahead must we book?"
The rule is… There is no rule… The earlier the better, just contact me by email as soon as you have finalized your plans (dates & the number of people).

"Can we see the bookings on-line?"
No nowhere. Each reservation is done manually by myself and I can’t keep updating the site with new information, new bookings, extensions cancellations etc. But on the other hand send me a request by email and I promise to reply within a few hours..

"Can we hold an option?"
Experience has shown me that it is very difficult to manage this therefore I no longer accept extra time delays unless of course you have to book train or plane tickets.

"Can we stay with more than 5 people"
I know that family holidays or with friends can be expensive and that you are always ready to squeeze in an extra person by bringing a blow up mattress but I must insist that it is not possible for 2 important reasons. The first is that there will be less space. So I cannot assure you will be comfortable (you will be missing chairs & towels, there will not be enough hot water etc). Second the security will be compromised (in case of evacuation extra objects on the floor can cause serious problems). Contact me if your are more than 5 people and I'll help you find a nice accommodation in the capital.

"Can I book a day-use room?"
I don’t do day-use rentals but if it is the case I can send you an extensive list of hotels in Paris which do this.

"Do you accept filming or photo shoots or special events?"
The themed-bed and breakfast gives lots of ideas to artist or creative people 😉
My first priority is to assure the comfort and well being of my guests who will certainly not appreciate being disturbed by the coming & goings of technicians or artists. As a consequence I refuse all events.

Safety: "Is your area safe? Is Paris itself safe?"
The neighborhood is safe and I know what I am talking about since I've been living in the house for many years. The metro station is only 3 min away by foot and this residential area is considered as safe by the media.
Generally everyone who has travelled will tell you that Paris is considered a "safe city" apart from some areas where you would obviously not go as they are not for tourists. But of course we are not in the fantasy world of "Amelie"... My only recommendation is that watch your wallet & your mobile phone when you are in the midddle of crowds (the underground, big shops, museums etc) but apart from that live normally. If however you are still scared by the thought of discovering a big city I suggest you go to the Swiss mountains or even Greenland…

Rates: "Can we come just for 1 night?"
Yes it’s possible but please note that the price for 1 night is the same as a 2-day stay without exception. Is this not a good excuse to stay twice as long in the capital?

"Are the rates negotiable? Are there any reductions?"
The rates stated are the ones in application. They have been calculated exactly and therefore do not allow any reductions for children, students, travel agents, pensioners, early or last minute bookings, people coming by train who ask me to take away the parking costs, those who bring their own sheets and footballers who for a special price promise to sign autographs in the hall. By the way, influencer and instagrammers are also concerned.